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Analyse data Like a Pro

Data Analytics has never been easier

Self-Service Analytics That

Finally Lives Up to the Name

Imagine data analysis any user can perform. No hard coding, aggregating, remodeling (or phone calls to your DBA). Just instant insights for smarter decisions.

Unleash your inner data hero with Prenigma's personalized dashboards, interactive visualizations, and robust analytical capabilities.

From Questions to Insights...Instantly

You shouldn’t need a degree in data science to unlock powerful insights. Prenigma turns any user into an analytics ninja with intuitive features, instant response time, and smarter shortcuts.

Interactive Dashboards

Put the dash in dashboards

Have all your data at the ready. With a few easy clicks, Prenigma allows you to filter, explore, and mine your data for instant answers to your most important questions. A true self-service business intelligence platform.

Advanced Analytics

Predict the future with confidence

Give the crystal ball a break. Integrate R functions in your formulas for more accurate predictive analytics and better advanced BI reporting and decision-making.

Anomaly Detection

Let the machine do the work

Something wonky with your data? Prenigma uses machine learning to automatically detect and alert you to any data anomalies instantly.

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