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Government and Public Sector

Prenigma business analytics solution helps public sector agencies prepare, analyze and visualize heaps of complex data quickly and easily. Combine siloed data sets scattered across departments, and analyze it in a complete public sector BI tool to create accurate insights in minutes.

Real Analytics, Accurate Insights

Prenigma is an end-to-end, single stack BI solution that lets you easily analyze both big and scattered data datasets without any additional tools. Using Prenigma, public service institutions can easily take their big data and easily understand how different data points impact one another to see trends, patterns and ultimately make better policy decisions.

Data-Driven Decisions

Prenigma’s data analytics tool helps public sector agencies and senior executives across the world to track and improve all aspects of their organization:

  • Correlations between census data (crime rates, unemployment, education)

  • Allocation of public funds expenditures & budgets

  • Number of recruit to hire ratio, causes of absence

  • Profitability by contract or service type

  • Drop-out and registration rates

  • Building construction cost per square foot

Government Analytics​

Utilize massive amounts of complex data by quickly identifying patterns and optimizing processes.
From reducing crime rates to improving service to citizens, Prenigma BI for government can help official agencies uncover insights in minutes.


Monitor student achievements and incentives across federal, stave-level and local institutions. Find data-driven ways to improve students’ and teachers’ performance by seeing the full picture of the
educational system.

Public Healthcare

Consolidate all electronic medical data and records to analyze results in intuitive executive dashboards.

Understand the impacts of public decision-making on public health and safety, and increase quality reporting compliance and patient satisfaction with minimal cost and time.

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