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Healthcare analytics shouldn’t be confusing – it should be revealing.
Unlock data-driven business intelligence and re-imagine the “care” in healthcare.

Too many systems, databases, and spreadsheets? No problem.

If you’re like most healthcare organizations, you’ve got data scattered everywhere and no realistic way to extract meaningful insights. Make sense of your data with Prenigma. Users of any kind – even nontechnical ones – can mash up large volumes of data or a variety of data sources to answer game-changing questions like:

Integrate Many Disparate Systems: ERP, HMS,

Billing and More


Healthcare BI data comes in many sizes, shapes and forms. Prenigma is the perfect tool to combine many structured and unstructured data sources and create a centralized data repository and single-source of truth across the organization. And since the Prenigma data engine can join tables on the fly, the healthcare organization’s data preparation effort is dramatically reduced.



Prenigma business intelligence software can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, and enables administrators to set granular permissions on user, database and row level to ensure data stays in the right hands. Keep sensitive information safe by using custom tables for data cleansing and transformation, without altering your production data.

Medical Reporting


Generate compliance or other reports instantly based on the most up-to-date and consistent data. Create and share interactive BI dashboards across the organization to keep management, physicians and staff informed. Track KPIs to constantly improve both business and medical processes.

Hospital Analytics

Hospitals have historically been slow to make the switch to digital, but electronic health records are finally becoming the norm. While this can only improve how care is administered long-term, it also presents myriad challenges along the way. Health data is highly sensitive, making security paramount.

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