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Prenigma for Telecommunication 

Welcome to The New Era

In order to increase customer adoption of digital self-care channels and enhance customer experience, we believe that the following 3 capabilities have to be developed:

  • Engineering an AI-driven transformation in customer service

  • Rethinking the customer service interaction

  • Predictive and Intuitive customer service

New way of Interaction


Transaction history, interaction records and customer preferences are some of the inputs that goes into advanced machine learning algorithms to suggest a summary that offers a recommendation which suits the need of the customer. Analytics built using Prenigma help reduce the threat of customer churn and also offers the possibility to upsell and cross-sell. Such Analytics empowers customer care and marketing departments to roll out offers during customer service interaction cutting the need for a separate process.

"Change is the new constant and disruption is the new reality."

Turn Complex Data into Streamlined Processes and Better Customer Experience

Today’s major mobile operators invest a tremendous amount of money in above the line campaigns to attract new customers. The industry’s dirty little secret is that these likely aren’t new customers. Rather, they are former customers re-acquired once more, often resulting in expensive plan or device discounts to get them back. This behavior, while necessary, is largely unprofitable.

Engineered AI-driven customer service


Getting a larger picture on the customers is very important to proactively respond to their needs. AI-driven customer service includes fusioning information extracted from many data sources through linguistic and statistical algorithms to offer suggestions and effective responses to the queries of customers

Predictive and Intuitive service

Today, most customer service functions are measured on how well they can reduce the number of customer calls and average handling time to reduce the cost of customer care. However, for an intelligent conversational bot, the marginal cost for handling more conversations and taking more time with customers falls almost to zero

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