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Deploy your Models

Focus on what matters, we will take care or the rest

Self-Service Analytics That

Finally Lives Up to the Name

The best predictive models have little to no organizational value unless they are rapidly operationalized within the business.


With Prenigma's automated machine learning platform, deploying models for predictions can be done with a few mouse-clicks. Not only that, every model built by Prenigma publishes a REST API endpoint, making it a breeze to integrate within modern enterprise applications.


Organizations can now derive business value from machine learning in minutes, instead of waiting months to write scoring code and deal with the underlying infrastructure.

From Code to your Browser...Instantly

Now that machine learning impacts an ever-increasing number of business processes, it is no longer optional to treat it as a developer’s tool with minimal security, privacy and business continuity safeguards. In fact, it is critical that a platform for building and deploying models is hardened, can be trusted and integrates well with the ecosystem of technologies within an organization.

Accelerate data science

Organisations replicate effort building and maintaining machine learning infrastructure. Prenigma enables you to get started quicker and easier, with low capital overheads.

Focus on improving business KPIs

Data scientists are freed up to focus on the core model creation while devops teams are able to manage deployments effectively using tools they understand. Prenigma is built on industry-standard open-source technologies that work seamlessly with the tools your team are already using.

Anomaly Detection

Enterprise machine learning deployment requires complex governance processes that increase risk. Prenigma enables you to release models faster with bank-grade audit trails, approvals and model explanations.

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