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Manipulate your Data like never before

Actionable BI that goes beyond the dashboard

Welcome to the Future of

Business Intelligence

The next generation of BI isn’t siloed in systems or dependent on dashboards. Instead, insights appear instantly, making it easier to see change and take action.

From alerts and insight-enabled devices to native-language queries, Prenigma data analytics software delivers BI with more impact than ever you ever thought possible.

Discover Insights, Instantly

Imagine if instead of seeking out BI insights, they came to you. Prenigma includes a variety of ways to help you discover insights instantly. And this is just the beginning.

Instant Alerts

Know what’s happening the instant it happens

Set customized alerts or use AI to identify data anomalies automatically with Prenigma alerts. Keep your eye on the big picture with Feed Page and manage your project alerts on your Prenigma page

Mobile Alerts

Take your data with you wherever you go

Stay in the know wherever you go. Alerts are sent directly to your tablet or smartphone and the Prenigma app gives you access to your data on any mobile device.

Prenigma Bot

Get instant answers to your data questions

With Prenigma augmented intelligence Bot, ask and answer data-driven questions directly in you built in chat. You can share your results with colleagues and friends instantly on your Prenigma Wall

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