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Data Mastery For Every User

Connect and analyze data from multiple sources in ways you’ve never imagined. Then reveal the insights you’ve been missing…in just a matter of minutes. 

With smart suggestions and an intuitive visual interface, Prenigma makes it easy for any user to combine data and discover hidden insights in one place…without the usual scripting, coding, and IT hand-holding.


Instantly access all your data sources

Connect any file or data source (even that cumbersome legacy app) to your ElastiCube with just a few clicks using prebuilt connectors. Prenigma's robust connector library includes dozens of data sources, including common ones such as Salesforce and Google Analytics.

Ace your data modeling challenges

Combine data from different sources using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to unlock deeper insights, true self service BI no previous experience required.


QA your data for defects

Identify and correct data defects (without impacting the original source). Data preparation for analytics with error-free analysis and richer data insights.


Mash up your data

Data Prepearation so Easy Anyone Can Do it

Tired of the data prep nightmare? Let Prenigma lighten your load. Prep, manage, and secure your data easily and intuitively, no supplemental tech or IT help required.

Mix, Match, and Mash Up Your Data


Make your data more impactful

Convert, cleanse, or enrich data with multiple transformation functions for more expressive and descriptive data fields and analysis.


Manage all your data in one place

Automate data import or add, change, or remove data sources manually. Prenigma data analytics platform centralizes data management so you don’t waste time flipping between databases.


Limit your data’s exposure

Establish security controls so data isn’t exposed to the wrong user.

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